About Dr. Crouse, MB. Ch.B. DA(SA) LMCC

Vasectomies and Circumcisions are the focus of Dr. Crouse’s practice. He does 3000 procedures annually, making him one of the main providers of these procedures in the province of Alberta.

Dr. Crouse has been performing circumcisions and vasectomies for 40 years.

180px-pierre_crouseDr. Crouse obtained:

  • Medical degree in 1982 in South Africa.
  • Post graduate Diploma in Anesthesia 1990.
  • LMCC 1993 (Licentiate Med. Council of Canada)

Read About Dr. Crouse’s help with circumcisions in Haiti in 2014.

Dr. Crouse worked in hospitals in South Africa until 1990. During that time spent 2 years doing obstetrical and general surgery.

He emigrated to Canada in 1991 where he continued to perform anesthesia and general surgery including
appendectomies, tubal ligations, C/sections, etc.

Dr Crouse performed his first circumcision in 1985, and started performing no-scalpel vasectomies in 2002. Currently, all the vasectomies he performs are also “no-needle” – using an air injector to administer anaesthesia to the scrotum.


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Dr. Phillip W. van der Merwe, MB. Ch.B. LMCC CCFP

Dr. Phillip van der Merwe is a certified family physician and clinical associate professor with over three decades of medical experience. After leaving South Africa in 1990, he pursued work throughout the United Kingdom before relocating to Canada, where he settled in Calgary as a community based family physician.

Dr. van der Merwe has led Alberta’s transition to the Patient’s Medical Home as the new standard of care, while he was co-chair of the Provincial PCN Leads. He was also a founder of the Calgary West Central Primary Care Network – the largest PCN in Alberta.

Dr. van der Merwe has obtained the following awards:

He has been performing no-scalpel vasectomies since 2002 after being trained in this regard by three Calgary-based urologists. After retiring from Family Practice in 2019, Dr. van der Merwe joined Dr. Crouse at Intramed, with an exclusive focus on no-needle no-scalpel vasectomies.

He is a Clinical Associate Professor at the University of Calgary Medical School, as well as an advocate and active member of many medical associations, committees and initiatives in Alberta.

He has also served as the physician of record for the Calgary Opera, Alberta Ballet and Lufthansa German Airlines. 



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Ongoing Practice at Intramed Medical Centre

With their surgical and anesthesia backgrounds, Dr. Crouse and Dr. van der Merwe are convinced that the Pollock Technique™ circumcision, with its pain control protocol, is the most effective and painless method available. Both doctors perform Pollock Technique™ circumcisions for babies, boys, teens, and adult men of all ages.

Our doctors have been performing circumcisions since 1985, and currently performs 1000 annually, as well as 2000 vasectomies every year. Intramed Medical Centre is a leading provider of both circumcision and vasectomy in Alberta, and in Canada.

Dr. Crouse and Dr. van der Merwe chose not use local hospitals because that could result in long wait times for patients to have their procedure. By setting up their own private centre, our doctors have created a convenient situation for patients – you can have your surgery within just days or weeks of calling the office.

Book online anytime, or call us at 403-255-6196 with your inquiry or to make an appointment.

Post-Procedure Support

If you need support following your procedure, you can contact us during office hours, and we will assist you immediately.

You may also walk into our office.

For after hours support, we are members of the Calgary West Central Primary Care Network (PCN). To access this service call Health Link @ 811. If needed they will connect you with the doctor on call or refer you to the PCN After Hours clinic for a same day or next day appointment. It is located at 5960 Centre Street SE

If the above options do not meet your needs, you may also proceed to any urgent care centre or emergency room.