Intramed Medical Centre provides circumcisions using the Pollock Technique™, a safe and virtually painless circumcision procedure performed on newborns in just one minute.

Our clinic currently performs 1000 circumcisions annually. We believe that a circumcision should be:calgary circumcision clinic

  • Quick
  • Virtually painless
  • Deliver excellent cosmetic results
  • Low stress for the patient and family

Circumcisions are performed at Intramed for newborns up to 4 months old, adolescents at age 13 or older and adult men, using an approach in line with this philosophy. We use multiple methods to minimize discomfort and speed healing.

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Experienced Calgary Circumcision Doctors – Dr. Crouse

Dr. Pierre Crouse is a respected Calgary physician practicing medicine since 1982. He applies his 40 years of medical experience to performing circumcisions at the Intramed Medical Centre.

Dr. Crouse now limits his clinic practice to only two surgical procedures and circumcision is one of these procedures. Dr. Crouse has had extensive training with Dr. Neil Pollock, one of North America’s foremost authorities on baby and adult circumcision.

Dr. Pollock’s research into developing a safe, quick and virtually pain free approach to circumcision has been widely recognized in Canada and abroad. Dr. Crouse was the first physician to introduce Dr. Pollock’s techniques to Alberta, and now travels to other countries to train doctors on the Pollock Technique™ circumcision. You can click here to read more about his work in training circumision doctors in Haiti (with surprise celebrity guests).

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Circumcision Calgary Clinic

Intramed Medical Centre specializes in a virtually painless circumcision operation for infants, teens, and adult men. Our team of dedicated medical professionals understands the concerns of parents for their babies, as well as the situation of teenagers and adult men considering circumcision.

We do our best to provide our clients with a private and personalized experience—for newborns, teenagers, and adults. As Calgary’s focused circumcision provider, we have developed unique expertise in the procedure and patient support before and after circumcision. Clients come to our clinic for circumcision from all over Alberta.

Our doctors and staff are happy to assist you with any questions or concerns that you may have, and are available by phone, or by booking a consultation. The clinic generally has appointments available within a short delay, and you can request an appointment now if desired.

You can use the short appointment request form, or go ahead and call us with questions or to book. Our booking line is open Monday – Thursday from 8am to 4pm, and on Friday from 8am to noon.

Whether you want to circumcise your newborn, your teenager or are looking for information on circumcision for men, please feel free to call us Monday to Friday at 403-255-6196 with questions or to schedule an appointment.

The Circumcision Process at Intramed Clinic

We believe that there are no substitutes for a baby’s comfort than the presence of a parent. Your baby is always with you, and you are welcome and encouraged to be in the private room during the procedure. Parents are never asked to wait in another room while the circumcision is being done. Babies, if they remain awake during the procedure, are soothed by a pacifier made up of natural ingredients. It is not uncommon for babies to sleep right through their circumcision.

At Intramed, we want to create a home-like atmosphere that caters to your baby’s needs. We pride ourselves in providing a unique, personal, family service.

After the circumcision, Dr. Crouse will schedule a follow-up appointment and printed aftercare instructions will be given to families as part of our professional service.

Let us provide this safe and gentle medical service for you and your baby in a caring environment.

Infant Circumcision Guide

muslim-circumcision-calgaryEach year, there are over a million circumcisions performed in North America. Newborn circumcision, when performed properly, is quick and safe. The medical benefits accrue from infancy through old age. A Mayo Clinic study finds that over half of newborns are getting circumcised (latest data available from 2014).

It is Dr. Crouse’s position (as well as the position of the Canadian Pediatric society) that; “When parents are making a decision about circumcision they should be advised of the present state of medical knowledge about its benefits and harms. Their decision may ultimately be based on personal, religious or cultural factors”.

Our goal on our website is to provide some of the information that will help you make your informed decision about your boy’s circumcision.

For more on adult circumcision please visit the Adult Circumcision page on our site. Please read on below for more information.

Our clinic provides circumcision care for families who have made the choice to have their son’s circumcised for personal or cultural reasons, as well as those who have a religious motivation. Some parents circumcise their infants for health and hygiene reasons.

We provide circumcision for newborns and babies up to three months old.  Whatever your situation we will be pleased to speak with you and schedule an appointment if desired.

Should You Circumcise Your Baby?

According to the Canadian Pediatric Society, the overall evidence of the benefits and harms of circumcision is so evenly balanced that it does not support recommending circumcision as a routine procedure for all newborns.

When parents are making a decision about circumcision, they should be advised of the present state of medical knowledge about both its benefits and potential harms.

The decision may ultimately be based on the family’s personal, religious or cultural factors.

The choice about circumcising your baby is one that you will make with the best interests of your child at heart.

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Why do so many doctors recommend Intramed’s circumcision technique?

Dr. Crouse uses the Pollock Technique™, a quick and virtually painless procedure pioneered by Dr. Neil Pollock in Vancouver, BC and safely performed on over 100,000 infants.

For a video demonstration of Dr. Pollock’s circumcision technique, click here to see Dr. Pollock performing his eponymous technique.

Our procedure takes only one minute and this is 10 times quicker than most hospital circumcision procedures.

We use extensive pain control methods including Tylenol, a sugar solution (to reduce pain perception), a topical freezing spray, and a local anesthetic injection (both quick and long-acting).

There are extremely low complication rates.

For your peace of mind, post circumcision support is provided including a follow up appointment.  Dr. Crouse will be available to you to answer questions and follow up with you and your child.

Potential Benefits of Infant Circumcision

Alberta parents undertake a circumcision procedure for their son in order to fulfill cultural and religious traditions, as well as to seek improved health outcomes for their children. There are many potential benefits from baby circumcision.

Improved genital hygiene

It is well known that microorganisms accumulate under the foreskin which fosters inflammation which can lead to conditions such as balanitis/balanoposthitis (inflammation of the head of the penis). The incidence of balanitis is twice as high as those who are uncircumcised. Smegma, which is a cheesy like secretion, can also accumulate under the foreskin combining with bacteria to produce an offensive odor.

Reduced risk of urinary tract and bladder infections

Because microorganisms can accumulate under and adhere to the foreskin, bacteria has a greater chance of migrating up the urethra causing urinary tract infections (UTIs) especially in infancy. Studies suggest an over 10-fold decrease in risk of urinary tract infection in circumcised infants. UTIs are a potentially painful and dangerous condition as it can result in kidney inflammation and scarring. Studies suggest that the protective effect of circumcision against UTIs when done as a newborn continues into adulthood.

Reduced risk of phimosis

Phimosis is a condition where the foreskin becomes so tight that it cannot be pulled back fully resulting in UTIs, local skin infection, pain when passing urine, retention of urine, and sexual dysfunction. Circumcision eliminates the risk of phimosis, which affects 1 in 10 older boys and men.

Reduced risk of penile cancer

Studies have shown an over 20-fold reduction in the risk of invasive penile cancer which is thought to arise from adherence of high-risk human papillomavirus to the foreskin and smegma causing chronic inflammation and recurrent infections resulting in phimosis. Invasive penile carcinoma is highly associated with a history of phimosis.

Reduced risk of prostate cancer

Uncircumcised men have a 1.6-2.0- fold higher incidence of prostate cancer, which is thought to correspond with a higher chance of sexually transmitted infections resulting in a chronic state of inflammation.

Reduced risk of HIV/AIDS

Circumcision reduced the risk of getting HIV/AIDS by 3-fold during sex with an infected woman. This is because the HIV virus enters through the inner lining of the foreskin which is thin and vulnerable. Ulceration and tearing are also more common in uncircumcised men, adding to the risk of HIV entry.

Reduced cervical cancer in women

Circumcision reduced cervical cancer risk of a man’s female partner by 5.6 times as there is less risk of adherence and colonization of human papillomavirus.

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